Sneaker customizer JBF Customs has put his stamp on sneaker culture, literally. His "Incomparable" tag is donned on his custom creations as a seal of quality. From retro Jordans to signature Nike Sportswear silhouettes, JBF Customs will work his wizardry on them all. Well, not quite all.

JBF Customs was recently interviewed by XXL and revealed that he refuses to customize the Air Jordan Spizike. The reason? It's simple: he doesn't like the silhouette. Looks like you can officially add him to the list of those who just don't find the sneaker appealing, which already includes consignment stores.

Welp, if you're a fan of this hybrid Jordan, don't come running to JBF Customs with Spizikes, expecting him to lace them in genuine python.

[via XXL]