After teasing images last week, full photos of the Colette x Adidas Stan Smith have surfaced. In other words, what was once an extremely promising sneaker has since revealed itself to be pretty corny. We thought Colette's signature dot logo would only appear on the heel of the shoe, but as you can see, the pattern also appears across the toe box and tongue. From the side, they still pretty much look like a regular Stan Smith, but I don't know if I could tolerate looking down at polka dots all day. I guess with the right rolled up pants and oversized shirt one might be able to pull off a Japanese menswear magazine look, but that's pretty much the case for any shoe when you think about it. Chances are you're just gonna look like your regular self in kinda dumb polka dot sneakers. The Colette x Adidas Stan Smith is set to drop June 5 for 180 Euros.