As LeBron James is locked against the Spurs in a series that seems to have already determined its own outcome, pictures of a possible "Championship" LeBron XI are finding their way around the Internet. No formal announcement has been made by anyone, but it’s kind of hard to deny the possibility.

The shoes look almost exactly the same as the Championship LeBron Xs. Like the Xs, the XIs are an almost exclusively red upper with a gold swoosh and gold speckles. The outsole is icy white, with black lining and, a black and gold rope lace. Inside the shoes are references to LeBron’s past championship performances, and the expectation of the current series. The interior of the left shoe says “NOT 1,” and the right, “NOT 2.” These two combine to imply “But 3,” a reference to an assumed third championship title.

Considering The Heat’s performance against The Spurs, the existence of these shoes might get really awkward sometime this week. They'd at least need a redesign on the interior of the right shoe. Or, we could call these the “Second Place” LeBron XIs… Unless, of course, the A/C keeps working.

[via ElijahWolf3 on Twitter]