Did you guys know you can customize Adidas slides right now on adidas.com? This is excellent news. Obviously, don't do something dumb like put lime green stripes on orange soles or some shit. The coked out joint you see before you is really the best option. Everyone is on that slide wave these days, just like they were on that Teva wave before that, just like they were on that Birkenstock wave before that, but you still NEED slides if you want to be cool this summer, or if you want to play AAU basketball in, like, 2002. Whenever I went to UConn basketball camp as a kid, everyone had those tiny nylon backpacks that they kept their hoop sneakers in along with their room key, water bottle and the free T-shirt everyone got for attending the camp that we all had Jim Calhoun sign at week's end. But only the really good players who could do cool AND1 Mixtape type maneuvers knew to keep a pair of slides on deck.