I don't know that much about sneaker history or what makes a cool sneaker, so I inevitably default to anything in the Air Max family. And by "anything in the Air Max family," I mean 1s and 90s. I don't really fuck with the 95s because those look too futuristic for my taste, which is ironic considering "Gangsta's Paradise" was the hottest jam in the world when that shoe came out. Anyways, Nike threw some navy and gray suede and that weird "vintaged" midsole unit on these Air Max 1, so I'll probably buy them because you can never have enough navy or gray suede sneakers with gum soles. I would pair these with some garish shorts and a side zip hoodie. Whenever someone asked me if I was hot, I'd be like, "WEARING LONG SLEEVES WITH SHORTS ISN'T REALLY THAT DIFFERENT THAN WEARING PANTS WITH SHORT SLEEVES." That's about when their brain would explode out of their asshole.