Just a few days after bringing you the Adidas Pure Boost sneaker, Y-3 came through and sonned that shit by unveiling the "Yohji Boost." Apparently though, the Y-3 brain trust helped design the Pure Boost and, technically, they're on the same team at the end of the day, but still, like, the Y-3 designers are definitely laughing to themselves about how much more la flame their version is than the Tier Basic Adidas joint. Basically, the Y-3 Yohji Boost looks very similar to the Pure Boost, but with Y-3 branding and a way tighter butthole colorway. Plus, the name of it sounds like some sort of Mario Kart superpower that Yoshi gets so you can make the ill pass on the last lap and cop eternal glory. The Yohji Boost drops mid-June, priced at $280, and, oh yeah, is limited to 500 pairs, so, fuck all y'all.