The World Cup is almost here, which means all of your friends who don't know shit about soccer will pretend to give a shit for a couple weeks, and your friends who already love soccer will call it "football" and be total assholes to everyone else who is trying to enjoy themselves. Personally, I just see it as a golden opportunity to yell about sports and get lit. Anyway, Adidas Japan teamed up with a bunch of cool Japanese brands like Y-3, SASQUATCHfabrix and others on these jerseys, er, kits. So I guess this is, like, the World Cup of Japanese Streetwear? They pretty much all look the exactly same except for the small graphic on the front, so, really, it doesn't matter that much which one you buy. It especially doesn't matter because you're going to do most of your explaining to others around the idea of Adidas Japan making a jersey with brands from Japan that have absolutely nothing to do with the World Cup in the first place. Either way, definitely wear this around your pretentious soccer friends while you call everyone on the field a pussy and say shit like, "How can you even get hurt playing this sport?"