Collaborated With: adidas
What They're Known For: Oversized silhouettes. Pioneering mixing sportswear with fashion, a little line called Y-3.

When it comes to high-fashion/sneaker collaborations, Yohji Yamamoto's partnership with adidas is the benchmark that all designers should shoot for. First launched in 2003, Yamamoto and adidas came together to form the brand Y-3, which allows Yamamoto to work on sportswear and for adidas to boost the brand's ranking in the fashion industry. When Kanye first signed to adidas, industry insiders assumed that it would be a good match because of what Yamamoto was able to do with the brand. Y-3, though, isn't Yamamoto's first venture into fashion. He's been blessing people with avant-garde designs since he debuted first collection in Tokyo in 1977. Fashion comes and goes in cyclical patterns, Yamamoto has been of the few things that have remained consistent.