Collaborated With: Nike
What They're Known For: Bringing a punk energy to menswear and athletics.

It's cliche for a fashion designer to say they're inspired by punk rock, but Undercover's Jun Takahashi really is. It only takes a look at his ongoing work with Nike, under the Gyakusou label (and smaller collaborations, too), to realize Takahashi is all about taking items everyone could use and turning them into rebel statements. Running gear is pretty utilitarian and tech-oriented, but Takahashi is partly responsible for making it a new trend amongst stylish folks. The Gyakusou garments and sneakers still functioned as well as ones strictly made for sport, but they made running lookbooks a real thing. Athletic apparel isn't the only thing that Takahashi focuses on, though. Undercover is rooted in menswear, but the cuts and details are distinct to Takahashi's Japanese flair. Let's be honest, Japan, usually, does things better and Undercover is living proof.