Collaborated With: adidas
What They're Known For: A high-end goth look that champions dark colors, long layers, and exaggerated silhouettes.

Street goth really took flight as a trend in 2013. Streetwear heads explored a darker, brooding aesthetic that revolved around clothes with asymmetrical and elongated fits—in all-black, of course. The trend, however, didn't come from nowhere. Thanks to rappers such as A$AP Rocky and Kanye West, Rick Owens became a buzzword amongst the hip-hop community. 'Heads were ready to experiment with new silhouettes, and Owens' monotone garments made it an easy transition. That's why, in 2014, a Rick Owens x adidas collaboration was the focus attention and scrutiny in sneaker culture. People either love or hate Rick Owens, mostly because his designs aren't for the faint of heart. The sneakers he put out for his eponymous label, the Geobasket, gained acclaim because they were a cartoonish version of the Nike Dunk. Nike noticed, which is why the Swoosh-like design on the side has since been changed into something totally different. The people that love the sneakers are champions of Owens' aesthetic, and that's a cult that seems to be growing steadily, now that adidas is helping push that vision into the mainstream.