Collaborated With: Nike
What They're Known For: Taking Givenchy from a French couture brand to something that muddles the line between streetwear and high fashion. Designing clothes for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

There's been a renaissance going on in high fashion, and that's thanks to the growing acceptance of hip-hop amongst designers. One of the designers who's at the forefront of this movement is Riccardo Tisci, who took over Givenchy in 2005. By now, the brand's "Rottweiler" print has been bootlegged and knocked off across the board, but Givenchy continues to push forward. Whether it's making Kanye West a custom leather kilt or outfitting Kim Kardashian with a dress for the Met Gala, Tisci's designs stay in the news. Then his collaboration with Nike happened. No one knew what it would look like at first, but when it became known that it was a pair of Air Force 1s, albeit super luxury, it became the shining example of where sneaker culture could go. Had high-fashion designers worked on sneaker culture staples before? Yes. But Tisci's rework of the AF1 - and bringing it to new heights, literally - felt authentic. It was no different than him bringing a new aesthetic to Givenchy. It was 100 percent Tisci.