Collaborated With: adidas Originals, Pro-Keds, Timberland
What They're Known For: Menswear that gives the middle finger to the idea of dressing conservatively. Well-made shoes with bright soles. Making a cape for Cam'ron.

When it comes to traditional menswear, it's ingrained in the clothes worn by British dudes well before 1950 and styles that took flight on Ivy League campuses. Mark McNairy knows these worlds well. He was a designer at trad brands J.Press and Southwick. McNairy's name, though, became known as he took benchmade English shoes and boots and gave them bright soles and wrote "Fuck Off" on the soles. Surprisingly, however, when McNairy was tapped by adidas, he kept things rather tame. The sneakers still had his nickname, McNasty, on them, but they were focused on simple adidas silhouettes. But, in retrospect, McNairy has kept things rather ordinary when designing a collaborative sneaker with a brand. The products he made with Pro Keds and Timberland were simple, too—which lets his fans know that he still can deliver a product that is more about details than a declarative statement.