Collaborated With: Vans, Nike
What They're Known For: Raw denim, minimal pieces, and that whole Kanye collaboration.

How did you first get into style? Was it through buying a pair of raw denim and wearing them for a year straight? If so, you probably know about A.P.C., the French brand that made not washing your pants (and maybe even wearing them in the ocean) a cool thing. The label, run by man of always entertaining quotes Jean Touitou, is the simplest brand on this list. If you're looking for statement pieces, A.P.C. is not the place to search. Just look at its Kanye West collection: everything was understated. This same philosophy is transferred to its sneaker collabs. A.P.C. takes surefire silhouettes—the Nike Blazer, Air Max 1, and Dunk—and doesn't do much with them. An all-white Air Max 1 is given a gum sole and the Dunk is done-up in buttery suede. They're fashion sneakers sure, but like the brand's jeans and other garments, they don't scream "fashion" with a capital F.