It's not unusual for Nike to occasionally send out promotional e-mails with free shipping codes and discount coupons. It's all part of the company's marketing strategy, and anyone who has opted to receive e-mail updates from Nike's newsletter will receive these promos. Now, it looks like Nike might be taking these promotions up a notch by rewarding loyal customers.

Screenshot images have recently surfaced that reveal the Swoosh is thanking loyal customers with coupon codes that will give them a dollar amount discount. We've only seen $25 and $50 off so far. It's not exactly clear who they consider a "loyal customer." If it's based on number of orders placed in a certain period of time or amount spent per order. Nonetheless, this is definitely an incentive that will have 'heads checking their e-mail. So, did you get one?


[via 8thletter and duke5021]