Ask 10 different people where Johnny Manziel is going to go in tonight's NFL Draft, and you might hear 10 different answers. If you ask Nike, you're likely to get lofty praise of the gun-slinger from Texas A&M, because that's their guy. In support of Manziel, Nike has shown its first ad featuring the prospective quarterback.

As for the ad's subject matter, it's a discussion of what a quarterback should and shouldn't be—a lot of what Manziel has heard over the past year or so.

"And you should be at least one of the following, if not all: A tall pocket passer, a short dual threat, a tall dual threat, or a short pocket passer."

If Manziel's name gets called tonight, especially if it's early, there are going to be bottles popping in Beaverton.

[via Brian Strong]