It’s been a while since Dominique Wilkins laced up for an NBA game. Although he’s still an Atlanta Hawk exec, he’s put his attention other places than just sneakers— until last night.

At the apparent urging of his sons, the former Hawk (and Clipper, and Spur, and Magic player) spent some time on Twitter last night learning what he could about the current state of the sneaker game, and started to make some appealing plans.

Initially asking the simple question of, “What is a sneaker head?” he followed that up with a Twitter convo with our very own Russ Bengtson. Russ let him know the current state, specifically of his recent Reeboks: “…they're doing OK--would like to see a bigger re-release of the original colors of the first Pumps.”

They moved on to bigger picture ideas, as Wilkins confessed:

There was some talk about Wilkins getting together with Wish Atlanta for a Reebok, until Russ brought up the resurgence of Brooks, the old school brand that Wilkins used to ball in. It looks like Wilkins is going to connect with Brooks (pending the Bengtson connect…), so we might have something epic to look forward to. 

[via Domonique Wilkins and Russ Bengtson on Twitter]