Who: Matt Welty, Editorial Assistant
Sneaker: Nike Free Flyknit, (N/A)
Buy It Here 

A summer sneaker has to be a couple things for me: It has to be seasonal, breathe easy on foot, and, most importantly, it needs to be copped at a price point that’s conducive to being on your worst behavior. This past weekend, I picked up a pair of Nike Free Flyknits at the Nike Outlet Store in Kittery, Me. while visiting my folks. They were $35 plus tax.

I can wear them without socks, they’re Flyknit so my feet won’t sweat, and I don’t feel confident wearing an all-Volt sneaker any other time of the year. Having an actual running sneaker on my feet might also encourage me to get in shape, too. I won’t feel guilty about sitting on my porch and drinking beer, because I can run around the block and continue to chill in the same sneakers.—Matt Welty