brando223 described that rural Wisconsin doesn't have a lot of sneakerheads, but the competition is still strong for hyped releases:

"Our stores only get the most general of Jordan releases. I wear a size 11. As long as I get there about an hour early, I can get my size. There's definitely some sneakerheads around here, but I only see [them] on release days. The only heat I really ever see is my own. To put it in perspective: I missed out on Gamma XIs because they did a raffle on them. I saw them for the first time, on someone, a week ago. There's not much around here, unfortunately."

Folss, a central Wisconsinite, said:

"Here in fairly rural Marathon County, the scene is pretty much dead. The "sick kicks" in my specific area are general department store releases. Every once in a while, the Eastbay retail store gets a damaged order or a return from an online releases—so things like retros are rare. A local shop provides us with some SB releases. Just about anything we want as a community, or even one customer wants as a release (SB-wise), they'll get. The biggest drop around here in the last five years was definitely the "Tiffany" Dunk Highs. I got my pair of those, "BHM" Dunks, and two Janoski "Digi Florals" from that shop. No retros are ever released here besides a few of the 1 Mids. It's a very small sneaker community, but it's grown a lot recently.