coderloo lives in New Hampshire and sees the state as very segmented:

"Where I live there are very few sneakerheads and very few shops that carry any of the new releases.

There are only about three locations—Manchester, Salem, and Nashua—in the entire state that carry the releases. Many times only Nashua, or only Salem and Nashua, carry them.

People who do collect, vary. AF1s are popular in the rural towns, and SBs in the suburbs. I see a lot of SBs and retros in southern New Hampshire (where the majority of the population is in suburbs/city). From what I can tell, there are more and more people after Jordans, but can't find them, or don't have a good taste/any knowledge about sneakers.

In New Hampshire, overall, you are much more likely to spot a moose than you are a kid wearing heat."