SirBe lives in the suburbs of Connecticut and does a lot of shopping online:

"I live in the suburbs of Connecticut and the only Jordan releases we get are from franchise stores.

We have no boutiques or specialty stores anywhere. Salvin Shoes is one of the only stores in the state with multiple sneaker accounts. They do lottery systems at the Foot Lockers and Champs. We have Jimmy's, Sportspark, and Mister Sports, which are Connecticut franchises (as far as I know). They get Jordans and Nikes but nothing crazy.

We had Enclave, which was a skate shop with a SB account, but Yale raised the rent on their building and forced them out. So now, to the best of my knowledge, there is nowhere in Connecticut to buy SBs.

I do most, if not all, of my sneaker shopping online. I have to if I want anything good. We have the occasional sneaker show, but they are filled with little children and hypebeasts (that's the majority of the people there, but not everyone). There's not much sneaker talk on forums or Facebook, either.

All in al,l I'm kind of upset with the sneaker community in Connecticut. I try to reach out to people in my state but get no good feedback. I've been collecting, selling, and trading for years, and it has just seems to slowly go downhill."