I don't write a lot about sneakers 'cause I'm paranoid that Russ Bengston and the rest of Complex Sneakers squad will shit all over my opinions. What about Woolf and Schlossman shitting all over my sneaker opinions? Nah, Woolf's been tying his shoes on his own for only, like, 4 years and can easily just Google a photo of Schlossman in double monks and call it a day. I like these Nike Free Superior OGs for two reasons: one, anything named "Superior OG" is obviously superior. I'm changing my name to "Superior" and when I have a kid I'll name him "Superior" too and then everyone will be forced to call me "Superior OG." And two, they look kinda like them Y-3 Qasa joints. Well, I mean, the sole unit does. I bricked buying a pair of the Qasas because I was hanging out with my girlfriend. Woolf even texted me a heads up to buy them, but I didn't want to ruin the mood by hopping on some e-commerce flows straight off the iPhone. So now I just look for Nikes that look like Qasas, just like how you date girls that kinda look like that girl in eighth grade that gave you a boner at Joe P.'s boy-girl birthday party.