Last week we brought you the announcement of PONY’s dual collaborations with Wish and Atmos, As the release this Friday approaches, the three collaborators have released new pictures for a closer look.

Atmos’ wing of the PONY x Atmos and Wish collaboration is set to release with a limited collection of Starter Black Label sweatshirts and hats. The two shoes each have a set of pullover and snapbacks to match. Old English typefaced branding hits the back of both sweatshirts, while highlighting the colors of each respective shoe. We’ve also finally got a look at Atmos’ GoodWood boxes, being paired with the shoes in limited numbers.

Additionally, Wish’s pair has been artfully shot to highlight the Good Fortune inspiration behind the shoe modeled after The Year of the Horse.

Be on the lookout for when these collections drop April 25.

[via PONY]