My Reebok Nano 1.0s were no more. 

After nearly three years of dedicated service in my Crossfit box, the rope climbs, wall balls, and box jumps had finally claimed my sneakers. Patagonia is the last place I'd think to look for a replacement. Patagonia normally conjures up images of homemade power bars and R.E.I membership forms. The brand, in my mind, was inextricably linked to images of middle-aged people with robust IRAs, smiling on the crests of famous mountains in our nation's national park system. The kind of people who were looking for a little more edge than L.L. Bean was willing to provide. The Tsali 3.0 made me reevaluate all that. With forefoot shock absorption, crushing double unders in my Tsalis was basically the same thing as jumping on a trampoline. I was able to string together massive reps on my jump rope and the Tsalis are partly responsible.

Something called an Aegis Microshield sounds like a safety feature in a Honda Odyssey, but it's actually a system designed to control foot odor. Kind of important considering how much sweat gets flushed into my socks during Summer WODs. The heel is level enough for front squats and kettlebell swings without forcing me onto my toes and losing any of the stability needed from my heels. The Tsali's super-sticky rubber outsole was also HUGE when it came to assisting with any overhead lifts such as push presses or push jerks. I was able to grip even harder into the ground without losing an ounce of control.

The Tsali's are dope and I'm the only guy at my box to cop a pair. Highly recommended if you're looking for a replacement to your veteran kicks. 


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