After this morning’s debacle, NDC decided to postpone its scheduled Jordan restock. But it looks like the Internet didn’t get the memo.

Around the schedule restock time, a slew of Jordans and Jordan Retros popped up on the webstore. What kind of Jordans? Nothing less than a list that would make any sneakerhead blush. They included:

Jordan XI "Black/Red"
Jordan XI "Gamma Blue"
Jordan V "Laney"
Jordan IV "Military Blue"
Jordan V "Grapes"
Jordan V "Fire Red"
Jordan V "Black Grapes"
Jordan III "White / Cement"
Jordan V "Bel Air"
Jordan III "Fear"
Jordan IV "Fear"
Jordan X "Steel"
Jordan X "Charlotte"
Jordan XIII "Black/Red"
Jordan XIII "Squadron Blue"
Jordan VI "Infrared 23"
Jordan V "Fear"
Jordan XI Low "Snakeskin"
Jordan I "Royal"
Jordan I "Black/Red"
Jordan I "Black Toe"

None of the Jordans were available to buy. Some of the images lead to pages with just the information on the shoes. Others directed to the saddest of the pages, “The Product You Are Looking For Is No Longer Available.”

Could these be what was set to release this morning? The most epic Jordan restock of all time? Only time will tell.