After teasing images of the Sneakersnstuff Adidas ZX Flux sneakers, the retailer has now revealed full images of the collaborative joints. In order of steez these go: 1. snakeskin, 2. snow leopard (which are only available for women, so hopefully you have a baby foot), 3. camo (which has no steez at all if we're being honest). That in mind, let's hone in on the endangered Flux snakeskin flex. Obviously, these aren't real snakeskin or even fake snakeskin, but merely a printed polyester fabric, but they're also a running shoe and only $109, so, ya know, take what you can get. It's like when you wanted a Razor scooter and your grandma copped you that second tier Blitz trash. Actually, nah, gam-gam just bricked it.