Yesterday in Los Angeles, Activision held a celebrity Grudge Match between Pro Bowl running Back LaSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles and Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Green of the Cincinnatti Bengals. The two were one of the first to play the new Devastation DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts, but were also on hand for an interview. While the Grudge match was pretty lopsided in LaSean’s favor, when it came to sneakers, A.J. Green was the clear winner. We sat down with A.J. to take about his sneaker collection, including his JBF Custom Yeezy 1, and to also go back to some of his old school video game favorites.

Interview by Jacques Slade (@Kustoo)

What were your top five video games as a kid?
My top five has to be Need for Speed, Road Rage, Crash Bandicoot, NBA Live and Madden.

Are you nice in Madden?
No. I suck at Madden. I suck at football games.

What about NBA Live?
Oh, I’m the man in Live. I’m the best.

Switching to kicks, what are the 5 kicks you are wearing right now?
It would have to be the Jordan VI Doernbechers, the red Yeezy 2, my black Yeezy 1, I’ve been wearing the LeBron 9 Low Arnold Palmer, and the Banned Jordan 1.

Do you have any exclusive kicks in your collection? Some athlete only kinda kicks?
Not really. I received my Red Yeezys for free, so that counts. (Laughs). But mostly, I buy stuff like everyone else. I don’t really like to bother my Nike rep about that kinda stuff. I have a guy in Miami and he gets everything for me.

What sneakers are on your radar right now?
The Kobes. The lime-green pair with the red laces. The Kobe 6 Grinch. 

What are your thoughts on the LeBron XI?
They okay. Well, the LeBron 9 I love. That is the last one I really got into, I was into the 8 as well.

Do you have any customs?
Yeah, I have a custom pair of Yeezy 1. Red, all snakeskin. JBF Customs did them for me.

What pair do you wear the most?
I’m a big Jordan 1 fan. So it would be may Banned 1s. I wear those like everyday. The Royal Blue and Black 1s. My Jordan XI Concords, and my South Beach LeBron 8s.

If you could convert a pair of sneakers to wear on the field, what pair would it be?
It would be the Jordan XI Concords. I’ve wanted to play in the Concords. That would be hot.

Who would you say is the best on the team in Call of Duty?
Me. On the Bengals, I am the best.

Anyone on the team that can challenge you?
Probably...Jermaine Gresham. He is pretty good. He is not on my level yet, but he is okay.