Earlier in the week, we brought you news of Kanye West's speech at the Adidas Global Brand Conference, where he spoke on creativity and other hot nonsense, but most importantly, set what we thought was a June release or unveiling date for his extremely hyped Kanye West x Adidas collection. And just yesterday, we discovered what was rumored to be a sneaker from the collaboration. Now today, according to HighSnobiety, Adidas has said that June is merely the date at which Kanye will debut the collection internally. Man, this is some bullshit. I mean, yeah, this is kind of our own fault for getting our CNN on and grabbing at straws in the interest of piecing together a story surrounding a major release, but this new Spring 2015 release date is most definitely bummer city.

Update: Sources within Adidas are now telling us that Kanye x Adidas will not be delayed until Spring '15 and will be available Fall '14 as originally reported.