Yesterday we revealed the entire blue tiger camo pack from the Stash x Reebok "Camo" collaboration. The five-sneaker collection is made up of classic sneakers from Reebok's running and basketball categories. Today, Stash took to his Instagram to highlight the Insta Pump Furys from the collection. Stash posted both the blue and red pairs and slyly used the exact tiger camo graphic from the sneakers as the background of the photo. Can you spot the shoes?

Given Reebok's recent push with the Insta Pump Fury and the fact it was the first sneaker from the collection to sell out on atmos, we can see why Stash would want to emphasize these two. An official U.S. release date has not yet been set for the Stash x Reebok "Camo" collection, but after seeing all these recent previews, we're hoping both the red and blue pack drops soon.

[Via mr_stash]