Nike has been at the forefront of soccer kits for the 2014 World Cup outfitting the likes of Poland, South Korea, France, Portugal, and the United States, just to name a few.

Their latest work was designing the kit for the 2014 Greece National Team as they prepare for competition just a few months away. The kit was unveiled by Nike today, during a training session before their international friendly against Korea. The 2014 kit was inspired by the spirit of unity and cohesion of the Greek team and their unwavering attempt to play on the attack despite being famous for their tough defense.

The home jersey is done in white with a blue polo style collar and a thin blue stripe on both the sleeves and neck, while the away jersey is a mirror image. Nike specifically tailored the fit of the Greek jerseys to form fit around the body more and aid in comfort and overall movement. Much like other kits, Nike added Dri-Fit tech for improved cooling and ventilation, as well as the Nike Pro baselayer to combat the major climate changes that can occur over the course of any given day in Brazil.

Keep an eye out for the Greece National kit as they kick off World Cup competition June 14 against Columbia. Those who want to show their national pride and pick up their own jersey can do so beginning March 5 at select Nike retailers.


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