Nike is going hard trying to make Air Max Day happen, and this intense video is their latest stab at it. With an assault of images from the history of the Air Max program, unless you’re the most seasoned Air Max ‘head, you’ll find things in there you’ve never seen before. From O.G. advertisements, to performance testing video, to sketches of shoes that either never saw the light of day or were revised beyond recognition. You even get to see Frank Rudy posing proudly with his Air Max unit babies.

We know that Nike has some plans for Wednesday March 26, like the drop of the “3.26” Air Max 1. But Nike loves surprises, so you’ll want to keep your ear to the ground in case they drop any shockers.

Check out the video above. There’s a lot to see, so we’ve pulled some of our favorite frames out for a more leisurely look.

[via Nike on YouTube]