Last night, the New York Post published an article about its foray into the sneaker world. The publication's article, “3 Decades Later Everyone Still Wants to be Like Mike,” does a quick dip into the history of Jordan’s sneakers and the man’s relationship with them while he was on the come up. It’s a great historical primer from the early fines, to a touch on Spike Lee, and the move to retros and their profitability.

The author, Reed Tucker, then took some time to talk to some kids at Flight 23 about Jordan and his kicks. And when we say “kids,” we mean kids. Some of these guys are still dripping amniotic fluid as they talk about that #resellerlife. Interestingly enough, it seems that most of what Tucker discovered isn't that the kids buying Js today are trying to emulate Jordan, instead they're dropping stacks for the social cache that comes with rocking a fresh pair. This is the house like Mike built, but it seems these young'ns opted to skip the tour.

We always appreciate when mainstream media pays us some mind. So we can tell our accountants, or our Moms, that even the New York Post recognizes that this isn’t just a phase and that we don’t need to talk to a professional about it and at the end of the day it’s my money and I can really do whatever I want with it just leave me alone… Jeez.