Sneakerheads complain a lot. From prices to resellers and release procedures, there's a lot of flat-out bitching these days. Nothing takes the cake more than the complaints of quality, though. And frankly, unless you're rocking your Js to play recreational ball, sneakerheads should really just pipe down and appreciate what they have. On the other hand, if you're Philadelphia 76ers guard Tony Wroten, you get a pass if you want to complain about Jordan Brand quality and maybe even deserve an apology from the G.O.A.T. himself. And that's exactly he got.

If you're not aware, Wroten was playing in a pair of Air Jordan X "Varsity Red" sneakers, mind you, from 2005, and the sole on his right shoe just completely detached itself from the rest of the sneaker as he was making a move to the basket. Michael Jordan got in touch with the 76ers guard's agent to apologize about the malfunction. Good move, MJ. For the rest of you sneakerheads complaining about quality, just give it up because no one's listening.

[Via Delaware Online]