Dead Dilly, who we recently commissioned to imagine Kanye x Adidas and even rebranded the NBA, is back with a new series of illustrations that imagine collabs between Jordan and high-end fashion labels. While merely a dream, a lot of these aren't terrible. I wouldn't be totally upset with some MMM paint-dipped Jordan III's. Does that make me a bad person? Probably.

Being the savvy artist that he is, he also created what would be a Saint Laurent Paris Jordan 1 aka basically just the current Saint Laurent hi-top sneaker with a Nike logo. The only real brick I can detect is the Hood By Air Jordan 5, if only because if HBA were to actually collab with Jordan, the shit would either be totally insane, with a ton of straps and shit, or it would simply have a printed box logo on the side costing an extra $500. But, yeah, overall Dilly is visionary when it comes to this shit.