The good folks at Quartz took some info from Campless and crunched a few extra numbers. It wouldn’t shock anyone reading this that the reselling of Air Jordans accounts for an insane amount of money. But Roberto A. Ferdman from Quartz figured that the reselling of Jordans accounts for one out of every three dollars spent on sneakers on eBay. One out of every three.

Campless broke it down further so you can see how those dollars are broken down by model (including which end up being more expensive in resale). Josh Luber, of Campless, pointed out that they don't track all Jordan sneakers, only the most popular models, so the ratio is likely higher. Resellers on eBay still have some work to do if they're going to make the same that MJ does, though. 

If you know any eBay shareholders make sure you get a “Thank You” from them. If it weren’t for the hype machine, eBay would be worth significantly less.

[via Quartz]