With the Super Bowl less than a day away, Sole Collector hits us with what you could consider, the "Super Bowl" of all Air Jordan Football PE posts.  

For any hardcore collector, PEs (Player Exclusives for those not familiar with the term) are some of the most highly coveted models on the market. Up until the advent of House of Hoops, you couldn't get your hands on PEs unless you had a real legitimate connect and/or your funds were correct.  And that's just basketball PEs. Football PEs? Forget about it. These are some of the hardest sneakers to to get, period.

SC did its research and showcased 48 of the best and rarest Air Jordan football PEs that have been made over the years featuring official brand images and pics from some of the most notable collectors in the game. Before you settle in and watch tomorrow's big game, pull up a seat and get your daily dose of sneaker knowledge.

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