Photos by Rajah Allarey

Puma brand ambassador Meek Mill and Atlanta native T.I. were both on hand to celebrate the recent opening of the first Puma Lab concept inside the Foot Locker at the South Dekalb Gallery Mall.

Recognizing Atlanta as an under appreciated footwear hotbed and trendsetting city, Puma wanted to expose its consumers to a curated, more exclusive, yet broader selection of goods some of which its customers may not have had access to in the past. The shop is broken up into four sections - Sport, Design, Creativity, and Luxury - each containing products representative of each element.

The Sport category, the largest of the sections, is a mixture of general releases and limited edition items and currently features the recently released "Opulence Pack." The Design and Creativity areas contained products from its MMQ collection with the "Cork Pack" being the go to collection here. The Luxury group contained the Alexander McQueen and Miharayasuhiro collaborations with the latter having an apparel component as well.  

Puma Labs will be featured on walls of 125 Footlockers across the country, but sorry Puma fans, the concept shops are currently only in Atlanta with the second location at the Greenbriar Mall. Click through for a first look inside the store and a recap of the grand opening event.