Let's talk about the concept of the store. What is the design inspiration behind it?
Nick: One thing that we both agreed on was that we wanted it to have elements of old Vegas. Nas and I are both big fans of the Bugsy Siegel gangster days. Also, being in such a busy center at The Linq, we wanted it to be advanced and new as well. We wanted to take these old Vegas elements and make it a beautiful shop. We are going to have a DJ booth. In our store, we're going to have the DJ booth in the middle, and the shoe wall is going to be centered around that. It's a bit of a play on new Vegas with elements of old Vegas as well. 

Will we see a Nas and 12AM RUN collaboration in the future?
Nas: The sky is the limit.

NS: We are definitely going to work with our brands in interesting ways. We already have a calendar and we are going to try and do a new collaboration every month. One thing we want to pay attention to, like I said we are on this big stage, but we don’t want to forget about the locals. So we want to make sure we show love to the locals and only drop it in-store. Not online. That will give our local consumers, our regulars, something to look forward to monthly. We’ve got Hundreds, we’ve got Floyd Mayweather, we’ve got Mitchell and Ness that we are working with. 

We are definitely going to work with our brands in interesting ways. We already have a calendar and we are going to try and do a new collaboration every month. - Nick Sakai

Is there a calendar for when 12AM RUN will open?NS: We do, but it's a construction calendar, so it's a little fuzzy. But we are trying to get it open as soon as possible. Right now, If I had to guess, I would say mid-March. We are going to pinpoint a day on the calendar for a grand opening of the site.

Let switch back to music. What is the difference between Illmatic Nas and 2014 Nas?
Nas: Now I got money. Back then I was rich with spirit. Now I got money. That’s the difference. Back then I was talking about “you should get money, the world is yours.” Now, I became a man and I’ve experienced the finer things in life. 

If Illmatic Nas and 2014 Nas did a song together, what do you think it would be about?
It would be crazy because we would have different perspectives. One from his point of view talking about the things I don’t see any more, the things that I am not around when I lived there. I would be able to talk about things that he doesn’t know. We would both enlighten each other. He would be pulling me this way, I would be telling him what’s up over here. It would be a well-rounded song.

LeBron recently announced his Mt Rushmore of basketball. If you had to name a Mt. Rushmore of rap, who would they be?
Kool G Rap. Rakim. Big Daddy Kane. KRS-One

Where is 2014 Nas as an artist?
I am in a great place. When you first start, you want to speed and outdo the ones that came before you. You want to let them know you are here and they need to respect you now. But when you are where I am, you realize that you don’t have to do that. Your journey is your journey. You don’t have to rush it. It’s going to be what its going to be. Right now I’m at a place where I am good. How I feel, my everyday life, and how I feel artistically, I’m real good. So when I go sit down to make music, it's from a great place. 

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