The Kobe Prelude pack has already made its way out to the sneaker masses, but Sunday night, Nike and Kobe Bryant stopped by the Nike Vault in Los Angeles to meet the artists that created pieces inspired by the collection. Ranging from sculpture to canvas art, the art pieces were as varied as the artists themselves.

During the event, Kobe took some time to speak to a select group of high school students, media, and fans about the history, present, and future of his sneaker line. Considering this is Kobe's ninth shoe with Nike, Kobe is fully immersed in the design process. From the technology choices to something as complex as the storytelling around the shoe, Kobe knows it. He not only knows it, he knows it well.

Several times during the event, Kobe spoke of certain painters and how colorways were based upon them. He spoke of the transition of going from high-top to low-top to back to high-top, and how it was not just a random decision, but a calculated choice that works for him as an athlete.

For the students in attendance, they probably received the best feedback when Kobe took the time to address them directly—almost as if he forgot the rest of the crowd was there. He stressed how important it is to work hard and reach for your goals. How sometimes, actually more often that not, you are going to have to sacrifice things if you want to be great.

As expected, the students tuned in, hanging off of every world that Kobe spoke. Several bowed their heads in agreement. A few others sat back in their chairs, taking in what they always knew on the inside, but needed to hear from someone else.

The difference between thinking and doing can sometime be a large gap. Kobe managed to close that gap for a few students yesterday. In addition to the talk, Kobe also shed some light on a few thing happening with the Kobe 9 and what we can expect in the future. Rest assured, there are some good things happening with the shoe. Here are 10 Things We Learned From Kobe at the Artist Prelude Event.

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