It's no secret that sneakerheads occupy just above every corner of the world. While the word personifies a hearty interest in buying and collecting kicks, the sneaker culture has reached all new levels of popularity especially with a new generation of kids breaking on to the scene.

But what do you do when the sneakerhead in question is your very own child? Huffington Post writer Te-Erika Patterson touches on raising one of her very own. 

The writer published an in-depth piece citing the phenomenon that is being a labled a sneakerhead along with the lifestyle that inevitably comes along with it. Despite being fashionable and owning a decent amount of shoes, Patterson, like most parents, is trying to understand what it all means.  

She writes, "Video games I can understand. Model airplanes make sense. But, sneakers, the ones that cost upwards of $100 a pair -- what does that say about my son? Will this interest lead to anything that will actually benefit his future? Am I the only parent asking myself these questions? Is this the beginning of his demise and if so, is there a cure?"

Patterson also reached out to other sneaker enthusiasts in different parts of the country to gain insight on how other sneaker lovers perceive the culture. From Atlanta to Australia, Patterson found that some collectors aren't just in it for themselves. She got the following response from a sneakerhead in Hawaii: "A good friend of mine recently had to raise money for a medical procedure his mother needed," Tasha shares. "He raised $3,000 in a week by selling off just a few of his most rare and valuable sneakers. How's that for a 'waste of money'? Some might see sneakers with a better ROI than stocks these days."

[via Huffington Post]