I can’t regularly endorse T-shirts inspired by sneaker treads because that shit is generally terrible. But these Adidas t-shirts have a lower panel with the ZX750 tread on it and I kinda like it. Think about the rare hemline maneuvers you can pull with these tees. It’s not enough to simply have a curved hem or a side zip on your hoodie. You gotta have some contrast up in your outfit. Even if that contrast is a tonal zigzag print on an otherwise v plain, v basic T-shirt from Adidas. I remember I used to insist on wearing all Adidas gear because I played travel soccer and thought that’s what real soccer players did. But when I look back on those days, I think I was really looking forward to the team victory and loss meals at McDonald’s. WE OFFSET ALL OUR CARDIOVASCULAR ACTIVIES BY DROWNING OUR SADNESS AND LACK OF ATHLETIC ABILITY IN SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE FOR OUR CHICKEN NUGGETS.