NBA All-Star Weekend is an event unlike any other. The biggest NBA stars, both past and present, hip-hop artists, actors, gold diggers and baby mothers all descend on a city for a weekend full of debauchery and basketball. Amidst all the bottle-popping though, is the chance to catch a new generation of superstars having their breakout moment. And the next era of NBA stars will be on full display during tonight’s Rising Stars Challenge.

Nearly every player partaking in Friday night's festivities already has a sneaker deal with a major brand. And while it’s impossible to tell who'll get a signature sneaker first, each of these young stars is on the cusp of getting his own personal shoe thanks to their talent, season-to-season improvement, mass appeal, and marketability. These guys are the next big thing in the NBA and big-time sneaker execs are surely planning to build lines around each of them in the coming years. Here are 10 NBA Rising Stars Destined for Signature Sneakers.

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