The Internet has turned sneaker addiction into a worldwide phenomenon, but let's be real: It's a struggle being into sneakers when your town has more cornfields than sneaker stores.

For starters, the only place you get to see new sneakers or grails is on the Internet.

You finally get to go to the local Foot Locker, and you're more than excited.

Unfortunately, you realize that the store only has technical running sneakers and takedowns of the Air Force 1. There's not one sneaker you've seen posted on a blog.

You're forced to order all of your sneakers online.

 You need to throw up a prayer that the sneakers actually arrive to your home.

But when the sneakers arrive, you can't contain yourself.

You finally lace up your sneakers, and you think this is going to be everyone's reaction.

But when you tell everyone about your latest sneakers, or expect to break necks, this is their reaction.

People even step on your sneakers and wonder what the problem is.

You get tired of being misunderstood.

 You try your hardest to reach out to other sneakerheads on Twitter, Instagram, and NikeTalk, but you're worlds away.

But you know you've got kicks, and that's all the self-assurance that you need.