Nike just unveiled the Flyknit Lunar 2, which advances both the upper and the sole of both the original Flyknit Trainer and Flyknit Lunar +1. As you can see, the new shoe utilizes a more aggressive looking Flywire lacing system (a clear indicator that the wearer has acquired that new new), while the sole has some funky shit happening that we're sure serves some technical purpose that some Nike designer could bore us to death with. But all in all, yeah, these are a pretty nice evolution for Flyknit runners, even if nothing will ever look as good as the OG Lunar sole. As to be expected, the colorway you see here is total trash, but in black/white the Flyknit Lunar 2 could be your favorite pair of sneakers come spring, so iD that shit ASAP. Look for the Flyknit Lunar 2 to be released on February 6.