Nike is set to release their new "Air Superiority" collection because they're wild self-serving and want to remind the rest of you basics that they're the fucking the best. Admittedly, they are the best 99% of the time and this collection showcases some of their newest tech on the classic Air Max 90 silhouette. That said, across the board, whether through a bricked colorway or just some stupid shit called "Ice Technology", these kind of blow. The strongest design element to emerge from this new offering is the jacquard upper, which creates for a dynamic color scheme as well as a single piece upper. I don't know if I'm fucking with that Free sole and I definitely am not fucking with the Volt colored logo on the heel. Here, we have another example of Nike purposefully (?) fucking up a sneaker that could easily be a 10/10 in the interest of distributing it to the tasteless masses. When they do decide to finally drop the Lunar Air Max 90 in a monochromatic color scheme, whenever that happens to be, the shit will undoubtedly be Tier 0 and no one will be able to cop because hyped up Nike releases are more corrupt than Soviet Russia.