Images and random ass eBay auctions for the OVO x Jordan X's and XII's have been bubbling over the past few weeks and fueling the unstoppable hype cycle, and now official studio images of the kicks have been released. Styled in monochromatic color schemes and complete with faux stingray, they are straight fire even if it seems Jordan gave Drake a couple of struggle silhouettes just to, like, test him. I mean, no one is buying those Cool Grey X's that just dropped on Saturday and, sure, XII's are pretty dope, but they ain't no I's, III's, IX's or XI's. So, shouts to Champagne Papi for making struggle things awesome again (other examples include, but are not limited to: Soulja Boy). However, there's still have no word on price or a general release, but rest assured that the corruption and bots and raffles surround one makes us peasants sad just thinking about it.