Danny Brown Stars In adidas Top Ten Campaign

Danny Brown Stars In adidas Top Ten CampaignPhoto via Danny Brown on instagram

With the return of the iconic Top Ten set for January 24, adidas is back on the retro campaign trail. Leading the charge for their new And The Street Goes On ad is longtime affiliate Danny Brown.

In taking to his IG page, Brown unleashed a fury of photos rocking what he has proclaimed to be the official kicks of himself and DBoyz worldwide. "We were wearing Concordes, Forums, and Top 10s. That was like Detroit's staple shoe," he told Complex.

Having debuted over 35 years ago, the Top Ten was originally created for the the top ten players in the NBA during the late '70s. Now a street culture sensation, the Top Ten will arrive with a $90 tag in just a few days. 

[via Danny Brown]

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