I don't agree with everything the United States Of America does as a country, but I do love the fact that we run shit at the Olympics. Other countries' athletes see the games as a chance to honor their nation and its people, but in the U.S. we basically see it as a chance to prove to everyone why they suck and why we rule. Pride and honor are fine, but they ain't shit compared to winning. So it makes sense that we would also have the best Olympic gear in the world, courtesy of the beautiful people at Nike. For the new collection, Nike basically took their greatest hits of the past year (Tech Fleece, Flknit, etc.) and added a heavy dose of patriotism to the mix. Expect athletes to be rocking the Aeroloft 800 Summit Jacket as they step up to the podium to receive the gold, even if silver would be a better match aesthetically. What, you don't like these clothes? Well, then I guess you have a problem with America then, ya filthy commie. Better dead than red! The most gloriously American thing about Nike's Team USA Winter Olympic gear? None of it is made in America.