2013 will go down as an enormous year for sneakers. Tons of retros from Nike and Jordan were released, and it feels like they've figured out what people want and are willing to drop sneakers in their original form. Air Jordan 1s and IIIs both came back with their original Nike branding, and Reebok showed love to the man who wore its signature sneaker, Shaq.

Hype is a funny thing: there's no method to its madness. Initial images of sneakers get leaked, everyone writes about them, and then its a slow-boiling build up to when the release date for the sneakers is announced. From that point on, people all over are salivating and passing out from heatstroke at the chance of purchasing the sneakers they've had their eyes on for months--but feels like a lifetime. 

Hyped sneakers come in all forms. Some are hyped because they're available in limited numbers, and others are sneakers that the entire populous wants and is attempting to buy during the holidays. Either way, here The 10 Most Hyped Sneakers of 2013.

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