If you’ve picked up a basketball in, say, the last century or so, then you’re probably familiar with Spalding’s deep roots in the game. Well now it looks like those roots are going to dig a little deeper as the brand has announced the launch of a new basketball footwear collection in addition to its pre-existing basketball equipment division.

"Spalding has been an industry leader in innovation introducing such products as 'Infusion,' 'NEVERFLAT' and 'Spalding Rookie Gear' basketballs," said David Zumbach, Vice President Spalding Footwear. "We will now bring that same innovative spirit to on-court performance basketball footwear."

Among Spandling’s initial basketball shoe offerings will be the Point Forward model, which incorporates new technologies like D30 Pulse Technology for responsive cushioning on the hardwood and a “double wing” construction inspired by retro footwear designs.

The launch date for the Point Forward, as well as the rest of the Spalding lineup, is still under wraps, though we expect the shoes to hit retailers next fall.


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