There comes a point when we look at all the sneakers we've collected over the years and smile. We want to gracefully bow out of the game and leave it to those that came after us, the younger crowd that just wants to be fresh. However, we can't. We may take a break for a few weeks or a few months, but we always come back. We tell ourselves that it will only be one pair, no more. But the next thing you know, you are camping out for the latest release. 

But we want to encourage you to stop. Take an extended leave of absence from the sneaker game. Quit. Your house has become to full to the brim with sneakers and nothing else. You need to take it easy on the kicks, bro. There are plenty of sneakers in your collection to wear, and you need to focus on other aspects of your life. If any of this relates to you, hide your credit cards and stay away from sneaker stores. Here are 10 Signs You Need to Take a Break From Buying New Sneakers.

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